The AAVMC’s annual conference is considered one of the leading professional development events in international academic veterinary medicine. Hundreds of educators and other leaders from the veterinary medical profession gather every year for a three day-symposium that features respected thought-leaders from around the world, explores issues and opportunities, shares best practices, and focuses on diversity, equity and inclusion. The conference also features the AAVMC’s annual Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill.

This course provides critical information for contacts completing the 2021-2022 IDR Surveys. This is your one-stop-shop for survey completion instructions, as well as resources to help you in that process. 

You’ll learn about all the tools available through Altus Assessments and how they can be incorporated in your selection process to complement existing evaluations. As part of this discussion, we’ll review reliability and validity evidence for these professionalism assessments as well as how Altus is addressing equity and diversity. Lastly, you will hear from a Director of Admissions in a veterinary medicine program about their experience using the Casper test and conducting assessment research with Altus.