Pathways to Change (P2C)™
Creating a Culture of Wellbeing by Design
Generating organizational wellbeing solutions for veterinary medical education through evidence-based approaches, design-thinking, and change management practices.

A Program with Purpose

We know that there are higher rates of distress in veterinary medicine than compared to the general population. Individual solutions have not been effective in addressing this complex problem long-term. P2C™ shifts the focus from the individual to the education environment. In a program facilitated by experts in organizational change and wellbeing, leaders who are ready to implement meaningful change will be provided with the tools, resources, and funding to implement systemic changes. 

The Pathways to Change (P2C)™ program combines design-thinking and change management approaches to provide a pathway for institutions to systemically improve organizational wellbeing. Combining in-person, virtual, asynchronous content and peer-to-peer learning, participants will be guided through a process that considers the unique challenges faced by their organizations, how to design system-level changes tailored for their community and assess efficacy.

AAVMC’s Pathways to Change (P2C)TM program was developed in partnership with Capstone Solutions Consulting Group, LLC.